Sunday, May 8, 2011

Boy sets fire to neighborhood

A 3 year old boy got out of the house, took the safety switches off of a blow torch, and proceeded to have a blast, going down his street with his new best friend and his dog.  As he was burning, anyone who tried to come close was approached and scared off by his dog.  

Police said the boy burned a porch swing, a broom
, a sliding door, a deck and a knob on a septic tank and singed an igniter on a gas grill.
The boys mother was asleep at the time of the incident, and as far as I know, no charges have been brought up against her...yet... This is a pretty good story topper for that kid when he gets into high school.

Friend: "Yeah I ran away from home once."
Kid: "Yeah, I BURNED down my neighborhood once"



  1. Screw you guys! Im going home!

  2. Lol yeah I burned down my neighboorhood once.

  3. Whole neighborhood is now that kids enemy. Good move, Sparky.

  4. eh, ppl gonna hate on this but he doin' his thing.

  5. hahaha! cool story bro. my brother did something similar back when he was in his diapers, but it didn't involve a blowtorch.

  6. Oh wow. That's one dangerous kid. I wonder how old his friend was.